I`m Chernyy Mikhail, born in Omsk in 1978, Russia. Professional artist, painter.
Graduated in Art at the "Omsk State Pedagogical University" in Omsk, has studied drawing, painting and pedagogical.
At present, lives and work in Moscow, Russia.
I suggest you to acquire original graphics and paintings for your collection.

Selected Exhibitions

2009, ArtWeek, Moscow, III place (catalog).
2011, Autumn Exhibition of Young Artists in Okhta, Saint-Petersburg (catalog).
2013, Personal exhibition graphics, nudes, sketch, in the gallery "Na Kashirke", Moscow.
2013, V All-Russian Tomsk Triennale "Drawing of Russia", Tomsk.
2014-2015, Oil painting exhibition "It is easier to wind" Gallery "Zhivaya Zhizn", Moscow.
2017, International Festival of Erotic Arts "ART LOVE FORUM"
II place by drawing (catalog), Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Bolshaya Morskaya Str. 38, Saint-Petersburg.
2019, "Oil painting exhibition VDNH-80", my artwork "Rainy Anniversary"
House of Culture of the VDNH from August 1 to August 14, Prospekt Mira Str. 119\84, Moscow.

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Phone: +7(903)002-1967